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Popular Two, Three & Four Furrow Surry Ridger is useful for marking deep furrow openings and ridges prior to planting / sowing operations. Especially useful for Sugarcane/Potato plantation. It can also be used for making small channels for irrigation.

  • Operates with tractor hydraulics and three-point linkage.
  • Easy and quick adjustment for various row spacing and shape of ridges.
  • Used for moldings up and ridging the land on which roots are to be drilled or sugarcane/potato planted.
  • Also used for making a small channel for irrigation.

Mounted Disc Ridger

  • It can produce ridge with maximum width of 1000 mm.
  • Available in 2 bottoms & 4 bottoms to make one ridge & two ridge respectively.
Mounted Disc Ridger
  • It has heavy duty box type frame.
  • High quality steel discs.
  • Size and depth of the ridge can be adjusted.
No. of Discs Disc diameter (x)thickness Maximum width between ridges Working depth (mm) Frame's width (mm) Approx. weight (Kgs.) Required tractor power (HP)
2 660x6 1000 330 1840 195 35-40
  *The weight and working data contained in the present table are supplied for information only and are not binding. Specification and size can be altered as part of ongoing product modification / improvement.